October 2018 received more than twice as much rain as the average for this month. With close to 195mms of rain measured over the BKara area, where FirstMalta’s weather measuring station is situated, this year’s precipitation levels are actually more than double the usual average for October which stands at close to 83mm. The Maltese islands haven’t received such an amount of rain during October since the early 1950s.

Rain was measured on 14 different days during October and 7 of which included thunder strikes.
The highest 24 hour rain precipitation was registered on Thursday the 18th October with 43mm, whilst heavy thunderstorms were observed on the 12th and 18th.

Even though October was wetter than usual, this same month was actually 0.3°C hotter than the average 21.7°C for this month.

This weather can be mostly blamed on low pressure systems which formed over the African Sahara desert which brought over both rain and hotter temperatures.

It is important to note that weather readings vary even over a small area like the Maltese islands, our readings might vary from other weather stations and it is important to note that we are not affiliated in any way with any other weather offices nor with the National weather office at Luqa.

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