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Our ”weatherman”, whose name we cannot reveal for security reasons, entrusted with bringing you detailed weather forecasts everyday, is fuming mad, after having had to endure unbearable complaints from the Maltese public who keep accusing him of making mistakes when forecasting the weather.

So we decided to let him vent his anger on this blog post and this is what he had to say…

“The Maltese are too demanding” he retorts. So we asked him to elaborate, and elaborate he did!!

He continued…. Some don’t even understand my predictions written in plain and simple English (or Maltese!) and then accuse me of not predicting the weather accurately, for example on one particular article stating that a thunderstorm is to reach our shores next week, I’ve had people telling me “but it’s sunny right now!” or “of course someday a thunderstorm will reach us and you will say you managed to predict it!”

Then there are people who send me private messages expecting me to dish out specialized predictions for them for example by asking me: “I want to go to the Sliema front jogging at 2pm, will it rain at that time at Sliema” or when one housewife during one particularly heavy thunderstorm messaged me to ask “Will I be able to hang out my clothes to dry in an hour? as I have already placed them in the washing machine”. Who the $*%# told you to start washing your clothes? I have been warning you for days that a thunderstorm was coming today, now wasn’t I?

Then there are the ones who want to know what is going to happen in a month’s time, a few days ago a bride-to-be who was going to get married on the 27th November asked me if it’s going to rain cause she planned her wedding outside as she prefers some air even though her boyfriend told her not to! I had no other option but to tell her the truth.. “look no one knows what is going to happen, so if you were dumb enough to plan your wedding outside and did not have a plan B then you deserve it, oh and next time listen to your husband to be!”

Then there are people commenting from abroad, “But it’s sunny in Sydney!” Who cares!!! Lady you you have been living in Australia for the past 30 years why the heck are you still following what is happening in Malta after so many years? Is it because you miss Malta and deep down you know we are better than you?!

Oh, I was nearly going to forget the classic ones from the housewives waiting for their children to come back from school…. I receive hundreds of messages like this one during winter: “Will it give the children enough time to come back home?” – sure let me check my crystal ball! Let us just hope that the weatherman calms down in time before the next thunderstorm reaches Malta….. Remember to share this with your friends hoping tomorrow we will get a real and decent weather forecast on time! PS: don’t worry… it will be sunny during the weekend 😉

In the meantime you can download our weather forecast app by clicking here!