The map above shows temperatures expected for next Saturday 14th July over Europe and Northern Africa, clearly indicating extremely hot temperatures over Northern Africa, depicted in purple) and above average temperatures (depicted in dark red) over the Central Mediterranean.

A massive heatwave which at the moment is affecting Northern Africa, particularly Algeria will be pushing a hotter air mass over the Central Mediterranean later this week.

The temperatures over Algeria surpassed 50C, the situation in certain areas has been described as ‘infernal’.

The situation over the Maltese islands won’t be as dramatic, however temperatures will start to rise later this week.

Temperatures until Wednesday 11th July will reach up to 31C and feel like 34C, which is close to the average for this period, however as from Thursday 12th July temperatures will rise and by the weekend the thermometer will reach up to 35C and feel like 37C.

Detailed Weather Forecast until the weekend:

Tuesday 10th July : Sunny, High 31C, Feels like 34C, Low 22C, wind North West Force 3

Wednesday 11th July : Sunny, High 31C, feels like 34C, Low 22C, Wind West North West Force 3 – 4

Thursday 12th July : Sunny, High 33C, feels like 34C, Low 22C, Wind North West Force 4

Friday 13th July : Sunny, High 34C, Feels like 35C, Low 24C, variable wind direction Force 2 – 3

Saturday 14th July : Sunny, High 35C, feels like 36C, Low 23C, Wind West Force 3

Sunday 15th July : Sunny, High 35C, feels like 37C, low 24C, wind South West Force 4

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