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We, at FirstMalta Viral, decided to start an online poll to see whether the Maltese think that we should continue taking part in the Eurovision or not.

More than 800 people responded to our poll and a staggering 54% said that they think Malta should not carry on participating in the Eurovision song contest, 41% stated that we should continue, whilst 4% stated they don’t care and 1% did not have an opinion.

After each Eurovision contest pressure mounts for Malta to stop competing in such an event, especially conversations on social media. Comments on our Facebook page earlier today included suggestions to only hold a local contest and then award some form of scholarship to the winner, others stated they will not see the Eurovision again as they feel Malta has an unfair disadvantage.


Whilst others stated that Malta should choose a winning song and a different winning singer to present that song, which might create even more controversy!

It seemed that everyone agreed that neighbouring countries were in fact voting for each other and since we don’t have a lot of’neighbours’ voting for us, we do not stand a chance of ever winning the song contest.