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This evening, whilst speaking during an extraordinary parliamentary session, Maltese Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat announced that American experts, namely F.B.I. agents (Federal Bureau of Investigation) will be flying to Malta to investigate the murder of blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia.

During his statement, Dr. Joseph Muscat stated that this should not be interpreted as a lack of trust in local institutions or in their ability to carry such an investigation, but rather he wants to ensure that the latest technology, expertise and forensic techniques are utilised during this investigation.

He also stated that the Maltese government is in contact with other European governments to ensure that any help is provided if and when necessary.

CaptureFBI agents during field work. Photo source : FBI website, not related to Daphne Caruana Galizia case.


On Twitter earlier, the Maltese Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat stated that he will not rest until justice is done.

The FBI’s website lists several modern techniques utilised by their investigators, who are considered among the best in the world. They have specialised experts in every area, including forensics, improvised explosive devices and their investigators have experience in investigating a variety of high profile crimes.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was a Maltese journalist and blogger, known for being an investigative journalist and for revealing controversial sensitive information. She was murdered in a car bomb earlier today. (16th October 2017). She was 53 years old.

Caruana Galizia was born as Daphne Vella on 26 August 1964 in Sliema, to Michael Alfred Vella and Rose Marie Vella née Mamo. She studied at St. Dorothy’s convent in Mdina and St. Aloysius’ College in Birkirkara, before attending the University of Malta and graduating BA (Hons.) in archaeology in 1997.

She married Peter Caruana Galizia in 1985, and they have three sons: Matthew Mark John, Andrew Michael Louis and Paul Anthony Edward. She lived in Bidnija, a hamlet in the limits of Mosta.

The murder was condemned by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who stated that he “will not rest before justice is done” despite that she had repeatedly attacked him in her blog.