The latest weather prediction models are confirming that the above average temperatures, to be brought over towards us as a hot air mass from the Western Mediterranean will move in towards the Central Mediterranean, are confirmed for later this week.

This weekend Temperatures will reach a high of 32C and feel like 35C, at night the temperatures will go down to 22C. Practically the same temperatures for Saturday 24th and sunday 25th.

Wind during the weekend will start from the West Force 2 / 3 increase until it reaches F 3/ 4 by late Sunday 25th.

As the new week starts, the wind will first veer West South West F 3 / 4 and temperatures will rise up to 33C and feel like 35C on Tuesday 27th, with a low of 23C at night.

On Wedneday 28th June, A southern wind at Force 2 / 3 will reach the island and later veer South South East Force 3 / 4

By Thursday 29th June the temperatures will reach a high of 33C and feel like 35C with a low of 24C and a Southern wind Force 3 will reach the Maltese islands.

By Friday 30th the highest temperature will reach 35C and feel like 37C, with a low of 23C at night with the wind reaching a Force 3 / 4 SouthEast, later will calm down to Force 2 / 3 before the coming weekend.

Temperatures at 850hPa – GFS, for Friday 30th

The map above, generated by the Global Forecast System for Friday 30th shows how higher temperatures will reach the Central Mediterranean, such a hot air mass originated over North Africa a few days ago and caused temperatures over Portugal and Spain to rise up to 40C. Luckily Malta will not be hit with such temperatures and temperatures are not expected to reach that high during this hot spell. However our neighbors, the Italians, might see temperatures soaring to such levels.