A massive forest fire, which is now suspected to have been started by a pyromaniac, someone who enjoys setting up fires voluntarily, has now been controlled, but unfortunately it has claimed the life of 60 people before being extinguished completely.

Photos taken by photographers, who had to wear fire protection clothing to go close to firefighters battling the massive fires, show a surreal situation. Some people claim that at one point during the middle of the night, the light emanating from the fire lit the entire nearby areas as if it was noon.



It took five days to bring the fire in Portugal’s central region under control because of high temperatures, bone-dry woodland and gusting winds. The effort was complicated further by the geography of the area.

One firefighter, Goncalo Correia was declared a hero as he died whilst trying to save many people escape. The Forty-year-old firefighter was laid to rest on Wednesday at a ceremony attended by the country’s president and prime minister.

Firefighters are still not sure what started the fire. Two theories exist at the moment, one eye witness states that the fire started after a dry thunderstorm sparked a blaze which continued to spread, however police investigators are stating they have evidence which indicates arson.

Investigations are, nevertheless, ongoing, and some experts are of the opinion that it might be difficult to pinpoint what exactly started the blaze, although modern investigative tools may come in to aid the inquiring team.