Why iGaming Companies Like Malta?

In 2017, it’s hard to imagine Malta without iGaming companies. Malta has been long viewed as Europe’s iGaming Capital with 250 companies finding its home here and over 8,000 employees working in that sector.

Without a doubt, the iGaming industry is a huge asset to the country. Saying that Brexit talks only encouraged online gambling companies to look elsewhere, and without a doubt, Malta is on the top of the list.

If anything, Malta understands its unique and enviable positions and thrives to accommodate iGaming companies’ needs. Owners of some of the biggest iGaming companies put a lot of trust in Malta’s jurisdiction and financial system, which can be particularly difficult to accommodate for such a risky business as gambling.

Why Malta?

The Maltese license is the only licence in the EU that doesn’t restrict the licensees to the local jurisdiction of the licence. This on its own gives iGaming companies the opportunity to exploit white and grey areas in the rest of the world.

On an international level, Malta’s service providers are regarded as being among the most competent and experienced experts in the iGaming sphere. Moreover, companies that hold their license in Malta are respected as some of the most secure and professional, providing players with a safe environment to immerse in online gambling.

Having attracted the world’s top talent, Malta maintained a competitive market and appeals to expats from all over the world. Nowadays, the iGaming sector is occupied mainly by foreigners who enjoy the generous tax cap as well as a great quality of life. This only supports Malta’s stand on the international arena of being a hub of world’s top IT talent.

World’s Biggest iGaming Companies

The growth of iGaming companies goes back to 1990s with the UK and Gibraltar being leaders in providing gambling license. Nowadays, Malta hosts some of the biggest names of the online gambling. They purposely chose Malta as headquarters and it’s unlikely they will want to change it anytime soon.

One of the most recent companies to settle in Malta is LeoVegas. With their spectacular-looking offices and breathtaking views of Sliema, they lead a new trend in a modern working environment.

LeoVegas offers some of the best benefits in the Maltese employment market. Showing that iGaming is much more than just creating online casinos. It can be an enjoyable, profitable and it doesn’t have to be associated with dark colours and alleged money scams.

iGaming’s Future in Malta

Malta has always been at the forefront of introducing new regulations for the industry, and over the years, it has done well to promote the country as trustworthy and professional.

The market has more potential to grow in the foreseeable future and iGaming companies deny the oversaturation of the market. They will most likely try to compete with salaries in London or Gibraltar. Driving Malta’s economy even further, but challenging its capacity at the same time.

With Malta facing a new gaming company settling on The Rock almost every day, it’s highly unlikely anything will change within the iGaming industry. If anything, we can expect an even further growth, followed by fierce competition and growing customers’ demands.