A few days ago the Vittoriosa local council had stated that it was going to set up a pigeon culling, by allowing hunters to obtain special permission to shoot the wild pigeons who have increased drastically in numbers during the past few years. However, after much pressure from animal welfare associations the Local Council has decided to abandon it’s plans and this evening announced that the planned pigeon culling will, after all, not be held.

Animal activists had told the local council that such indiscriminate shooting at pigeons would be cruel, not to say useless as numbers would not be drastically reduced to have any impact. The Animal Welfare commissioner had also issued a statement earlier condemning the pigeon shooting.

Whilst legal experts had stated that such a decision may require an EU derogation. All this may have forced the local council’s hand to decide to cancel the pigeon culling.

These domestic pigeons are able to breed at any time of year and their numbers continue to increase drastically.

Long-term reduction of feral pigeon populations can be achieved by restricting food supply, which in turn involves legislation and litter (garbage) control. Some cities have deliberately established favorable nesting places for pigeons—nesting places that can easily be reached by city workers who regularly remove eggs, thereby limiting their reproductive success. In addition, pigeon populations may be reduced by bird control systems that successfully reduce nesting sites.