1. Her best friend knows everything

Women tell everything to their best friend. She knows all of your vitals—from the size of your bank account to the size of your other, um, holdings.

2. She has checked your exes on Facebook

Yes, she knows their name, whether they are married or have a boyfriend, and God forbid if she notices that you are still friends with them on facebook as well

3. Her body really isn’t naturally this hairless and smooth all over.

Some women have more hair than you might think, but she will never tell you that and will spend a small fortune on waxing, exfoliating, tweezing, moisturizing and erm, yes… shaving

4. She still thinks about her exes

All women think about her exes and some even check them on facebook, she even compares her husband / boyfriend to her exes, mostly you win, sometimes you don’t – deal with it!

5. She checks your internet browsing history even though she says she does not

Mostly out of curiosity, but she does check your internet browsing history most of the time to see what you look at all day on your tablet or laptop.

Extra Bonus : You have made her cry more than you will ever know

Yes, you might have made her cry unwillingy, and she did cry but did not let you see her. It could have been something trivial to you, like a comment or it could have been something more serious like flirting with one of her friends.