Mosquitoes can be a rather annoying pest, especially when you are trying to enjoy a nice warm evening outside, not to mention that some can carry serious diseases as well.

Mosquitoes are drawn to the smell given off by the bacteria that live on everyone’s skin, and some people give off an odor that makes them especially attractive to mosquitos. Using repellent spray, doesn’t do much neither.

Interesting fact: Did you know that only Female Mosquitos bite?!

Yes, Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite. They do this because they use blood as a source of protein. Without a protein snack, a female mosquito cannot lay eggs. So when the female mosquito lands she will stick her long, thin proboscis into your skin like a needle. She will later inject a fluid that keeps your blood from coagulating (thickening). Then she sucks up a drop of blood — about five microliters — and stores it in her abdomen. Once she is full, she flies away to lay her eggs.

Is there a solution available right now for this summer?

Yes, Biogents mosquito traps are the result of more than 16 years of academic research into the behaviour of mosquitoes. As a result, a novel, highly effective type of trap was developed. It is used in diverse models for different regions and mosquito species. The superior efficiency of Biogents mosquito traps has been scientifically proven by researchers worldwide: Click here to download a list of scientific studies with Biogents traps.

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With over 70,000 sold mosquito traps around the world, Biogents is the market leader for tiger mosquito traps (Asian tiger mosquitoes, Aedes albopictus, and dengue or yellow fever mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti).

Biogents mosquito traps can locally control mosquito populations and significantly reduce biting pressure and nuisance. They are also used as highly efficient surveillance traps.


The Biogents mosquito trap (pictured above) is now available in Malta, you can order one of these fantastic traps for your garden or to carry around for camping by visiting the Facebook page :

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