It might take you a while to arrive to the Riviera Beach going down the infamous stairs, however tomorrow Sunday 18th, this beach will be perfect for swimming. The wind tomorrow will vary between North East and North West whilst varying sea wave direction and intensity makes picking up a recommended beach very difficult, however one bay stands out as ‘perfect’ for tomorrow’s meteorological conditions, and that’s the Riviera Beach.

Whilst if you are in Gozo you may opt for Dwejra Inlet Beach which is also covered by the prevailing Northern wind and the sea wave direction won’t affect it much as shown in the below projections.

The arrows show sea wave directions forecasted for tomorrow Sunday 18th at around noon.


The second map below shows the wind direction and intensity, clearly indicating that at times a Force 5 / 6 might reach the Maltese islands.


For these reasons we recommend you do not choose any beach which is exposed to the Northern Eastern or North Western wind as it might not be fun to swim in particularly wavy water, unless you are planning to go wind surfing.

Whilst there is absolutely no particular cause for alarm, we always recommend that you follow the instructions of the lifeguard on duty and make sure you never step in the water if a red flag is flown.

The Dwejra Inland Gozo beach should be pretty covered and our beach recommendations will make sure that no currents or jellyfish annoy you or your loved ones.


Riviera Beach

Known as Għajn Tuffieħa in Maltese, Riviera Beach is a red beach a short distance south of Golden Bay. It is quieter than Golden Bay and often visited by the Maltese themselves, as well as tourist visitors. In order to reach this beach one needs to descend a hill on a staircase of 200 steps. On top of the cliffs west of Għajn Tuffieħa bay there is an old defense tower built in 1637. It is one of the seven towers built by Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris, of the Knights Hospitaller.

An image of the tower: