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The map above shows temperatures at 850hPa according to the Global Forecast System, projections for Sunday 18th June. During the weekend, the intense heat will be temporarily interrupted: in fact, the center of the high pressure system, which at the moment is affecting us, will move towards England and cooler air will flow towards us from the Northeast, as depicted in the map above, by circling the African anticyclone.

The drop in temperatures will be felt mostly on Sunday. However, over the next week, temperatures will go up fast enough, bringing them back up for a few days.

On Saturday 17th June the temperature will reach up to 31C, feeling like 33C and a low of 21C at night. The Wind will blow from the West North West Force 3 and later become North West Force 3 / 4.

On Sunday the temperature will not reach above 30C and will only reach 27C and feel like 31C, whilst the wind will reach us from the North East at Force 4 later becoming East North East Force 4 / 5

The skies are expected to be clear and sunny on Saturday 17th, whilst some clouds might reach over the Maltese islands on Sunday 18th.