A high of 32°C feeling more like 35°C is expected across Malta and Gozo tomorrow, Friday 16th, as a high pressure system dubbed the African Anticyclone will be extending further over our region. The map above shows temperatures for tomorrow at around noon at 500hPa, clearly indicating that higher temperatures will affect further North over Central Europe and even close to Southern UK

Blue skies and abundant sunshine are expected during the morning, whilst the temperature at night is expected to go down only to 20°C. The wind will blow from the West North West at Force 3 and later become West.

A slightly cool breeze will come to the rescue on Saturday, as a Northwestern wind Force 4 will help bring some respite as the temperatures will go down a few degrees and the highest will reach 31°C and feel like 34°C whilst at night the temperature will go down to 21°C.

On Sunday the highest will go back below the 30°C to reach up to 27°C, feel like 29°C as the North North East Force 4 wind will reach us and later become North East Force 5.

At present the sea temperature around the Maltese islands reached 23°C, which is higher than the average for this period, this is occurring due to the lack of wind over the Mediterranean thus the sea is unable to dissipate the heat and is instead heating up rapidly, this weather phenomenon might contribute to some unexpected isolated thunderstorms later towards the end of this summer season.

Latest weather forecasts show that our neighbors in Sicily might even be affected worse than us with temperatures closing in on to 40°C in some cities, in the meantime this same African Anticyclone will be extending aggressively towards France and Spain bringing the temperatures close to 40°C in some areas, which is way above the average for those regions and may even break records for this period.