Dr. Simon Busuttil earlier stated that the Labour Party may have engaged in vote-buying practices, but does this really make any sense? Let’s investigate the facts further. Busuttil was at the moment speaking at the Sannat

1. Just after the election Dr. Simon Busuttil was asked whether his internal party polls indicated another Labour victory. He said yes and indicated that the polls showed approximately the same result as other surveys and finally confirmed by the election result itself. The Labour Party’s polls had indicated a similar trend, weeks before the election as well.

This is a clear indication that the Labour Party did not have any reason to engage in vote buying practices.

2. Dr. Busuttil alleged that this election saw a larger than usual number of illiterate people asking for help to vote.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, first of all we have an aging population, therefore older people may opt to ask for assistance to vote even if they are able to write and read properly, we know that voting may cause a certain degree of stress and therefore some people feel safer opting to ask for help.

3. Dr. Simon Busuttil asked for people to come forward if they have any information regarding vote buying practices. There is nothing wrong with that, but if Dr. Busuttil doesn’t have proof yet why is he stating that there was ‘likely’ vote buying practices.

4. The Labour Party got 170,976 votes and the PN 135,696 votes (source: electoral.gov.mt) a difference of 35,280 votes. Let’s just assume for a moment that Dr. Busuttil’s allegation was true, would the Labour Party or someone acting in the interests of the Labour Party ever be able to buy so much votes? Multiplying that amount of votes by just 1,000 euro (we wouldn’t assume someone is stupid enough to sell his vote for any less) gives us €35,280,000 in expenses. Would anyone have that amount of cash to buy so much votes?

5. It was alleged that the Labour Party gave jobs for votes in Gozo with around 1,000 jobs being handed out just before the election. The Labour Party has since disputed this figure, but anyway let’s just assume that this were true for a moment, this would give us perhaps 5 – 10 votes per job maximum, so 10,000 votes would have swong, still not enough to account for such a landslide win

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