Temperatures at 850hPa – GFS, Friday 15th June

Record temperatures are being reached for this time of the year around us over the Mediterranean, caused by the African Anticyclone which is increasing it’s grip over the Central Mediterranean. Higher temperatures affected Spain and Sardinia yesterday reaching even 35C in some areas. Luckily in Malta these temperatures are not expected and the latest forecasts are showing that tomorrow, Thursday the temperature will hit 30C whilst during the weekend it will go up to 32C.

Today’s, Wednesday’s 14th June, temperature will reach 29C and will feel like 31C due to a combination of humidity levels and wind direction which will today blow from the West South West at Force 3 / 4. At night the temperature will go down to 19C

On Thursday the high will reach 30C and a low of 20C, whilst the apparent temperature which is more indicative of the type of heat the human body will perceive will reach 32C. Wind will persist West South West Force 2 / 3 later 3 / 4.

Friday will see a high of 32C, which is above average for this period and a feel like of 34C and at night the temperature will go down to 20C. The wind will veer West North West and later West South West Force 3.

The weekend will start with a 32C high on Saturday, feeling like 34C whilst on Sunday the high will be 30C and the feel like at 33C. The wind on Saturday will be North West Force 4 and on Sunday East Force 4.

The nights during the weekend will see hotter temperatures as the low will go down to only 21C.

At present the sea temperature has already reached 23C.