Have you ever sent a message by mistake on Whatsapp perhaps to someone by mistake? Unfortunately till now you couldn’t cancel or recall it. Now things are about to change as WhatsApp has been testing the Recall feature since the start of the year, but it hasn’t been enabled yet.

The feature allows you to recall your sent message from a chat till up to five minutes. Now, a fresh leak suggests that the Recall feature is imminent to arrive, and may come as soon as a new update for whatsapp is available.

Just what does the ‘recall’ feature mean for the user? Well, several other chat applications already provide a feature that allows you to recall or revoke a message that has yet to be seen by the recipient – something that would be displayed as a single tick in WhatsApp. Some, allow you to to delete the message on both your phone and the recipient’s phone, regardless of whether the message has already been seen. An edit message feature is also often available. In its current form, WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to edit, delete. or recall messages sent to the recipient.