The map above shows rain precipitation levels for the next 24 hours over the Central Mediterranean clearly indicating heavy rain over Northern & Central Italy and over the Adriatic sea, this weather system is not expected to reach over towards us as we are at the moment under the grip of a high pressure system which is keeping such instability away from us.

As can be clearly seen from the map our neighbors in Northern and Central Italy are expecting extreme weather and ESTOFEX (European Storm Forecast) has already issued a very worrying warning for the weekend for this region which starting from tonight might include excessive rain, large hail and Tornado risk. The Italian Civil Protection even issued a yellow alert for some areas, whilst on the other hand here in Malta we are expecting a wonderful weekend with abundant sunshine, clear skies albeit with one disadvantage, intense winds which are expected to increase as the weekend progresses.

Today’s, Friday 19th May, wind was prevalent from the South / South South East and although it was relatively calm at around Force 2 / 3 it did bring higher levels of humidity and thus the temperatures felt slightly higher as the human body has to struggle more to disperse the heat and therefore feels hotter. The highest temperature reached 25C though it felt more like 27C to the human body.

However tomorrow’s, Saturday 20th, wind is expected to blow from the West at first, with a Force 3 / 4 intensity and later veering North West Force 4 / 5. The temperatures will reach 26C (high) and a low of 18C.

Sunday 21st will see the North West wind continue to intensify to Force 5 at first and later to Force 5 / 6 with brief gusts of up to Force 7. Temperatures will reach a high of 24C and a low of 17C.

The wind will start calming down early on Monday 22nd morning.

The UV index during the weekend is expected to be elevated at level 9, therefore we recommend you take all the precautions such as wearing hats and sunglasses, applying sun-cream and by avoiding direct sunlight especially between 11am – 4pm.

If on the other hand you are adventurous enough and are planning to go swimming , the sea temperature during the weekend is expected to be around 19C. The map below shows sea wave direction and intensity for Saturday morning clearly indicating a southward current moving in towards our island accompanied by a West North West current as well, which gives us less options for choosing an ideal beach.

However luckily two of our best beaches will be perfect for swimming, Mellieha bay, Armier and Ghadira will be optimal with second options being the North Eastern coast such as Bahar ic-caghaq and Sliema, although these two beaches might be more exposed at times. If you are going to visit our sister island Gozo we recommend Hondoq ir-Rummien. We recommend that if you are intent on swimming during the weekend you do so on Saturday early morning to avoid the intense winds, definitely avoid swimming on Sunday and make sure you stay safe.