Maltese people, mostly women, especially housewives fixated with cleaning windows, hate wind with a vengeance and associate any type of wind with an increase of dust levels present in our atmosphere. This is a misconception as not all intense wind carries with it elevated dust levels, in fact sometimes wind is responsible for actually clearing out our atmosphere from dust and even from humidity.

Case in point is the wind expected durng the coming weekend, it will not be bringing any particular elevated amounts of dust as the wind will be blowing from the North West mostly. Sand is usually brought over from the Sahara desert by the Southern winds, mostly from the SouthEast which in it’s most intense form is known as Scirocco and originates over Northern Africa.

Tomorrow, Saturday 20th, the wind which will turn West during early morning at Force 3 / 4 will become more intense during the late afternoon to Force 4 / 5 and veer North West.

On Sunday 21st, the wind will continue blowing from the NorthWest at Force 5 at first, later increase to Force 5 / 6 and for brief periods may gust at up to Force 7.

The wind is expected to start calming down on Monday 22nd as the North North West wind Force 4 will later start becoming varying and calm down to Force 2 / 3