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Thanks to a high pressure system which is extending from the Central Mediterranean to Eastern Europe, affecting Malta, Sicily, Southern Italy and countries over the other side of the Adriatic such as Montenegro and Bulgaria will experience abundant sunshine and clear weather for the next few days, unlike other territories such as North Italy which will experience thunderstorms and bad weather as they are affecting by a low pressure system


Temperatures will remain stable during Friday 19th May and the weekend (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May) with the highs expected to reach around 27C and the low at around 16C / 17C, which are slightly higher than the average for this period but still comfortable.


Wind on Friday 19th May will be blowing from the South South East at Force 3 but will later veer to West North West during early Saturday morning. The WNW wind is expected to persist over the Maltese islands during the weekend and increase throughout, starting at Force 3 on Saturday morning, reaching Force 5 by late Saturday evening, persisting through the night and on Sunday morning and increasing even further on Sunday afternoon until it reaches Force 5 / 6, gusting at up to Force 7 at times.


If you are intent on swimming, perhaps for the first time during this season, we recommend you go on Saturday morning to avoid the wind intensity as much as possible, however beware, the sea temperature is still 18C only. We do not recommend you go swimming on Sunday because the gusty winds might cause some intense sea waves at times.

Best Beaches – avoid strong currents and jellyfish

The map below shows sea wave direction and intensity for Saturday morning clearly indicating a southward current moving in towards our island accompanied by a West North West current as well, which gives us less options for swimming.


However luckily two of our best beaches will be perfect for swimming, Mellieha bay, Armier and Ghadira will be optimal with second options being the North Eastern coast such as Bahar ic-caghaq and Sliema, although these two beaches might be more exposed. If you are going to visit our sister island Gozo, or you’re lucky enough to live there, we recommend Hondoq ir-Rummien

If you are still intent on going swimming, take extra care especially due to the fact that some life guard stations are not yet being manned. Remember that if you are in doubt about anything, do not go into the water, it is not worth risking.