photo: Nature Trust Malta

This turtle was saved from choppy sea at Little Armier a few days ago, she was entangled in marine debris, had an embedded hook in her mouth and ingested fishing line, it also had visible damage to one of her flippers. Thanks to two quick thinking, civil minded people who spotted the turtle in the sea, brought it to shore and alerted Nature Trust, the turtle was later saved after a delicate operation.

Dr Anthony Gruppetta had to operate the turtle by using a state of the art endoscope in an operation to remove a hook from the turtle. The endoscope procedure helped avoid any incisions and therefore makes the recovery period of the turtle shorter.

You can visit Nature Trust Malta’s facebook page via this link. Turtles are protected by law in Malta and it is illegal to handle them or interfere with them in any way. If you spot a turtle on the beach or in the sea, injured, in difficulty or sadly already dead, please call Nature Trust’s rescue line 99999505. They are on call 24/7 for marine rescue.

This story follows a heart-warming story back last September when 60 Turtles hatched at Golden Bay.