The Nationalist party forgot to register the domain – so instead the Labour Party did and uploaded a spoof website making fun of Simon Busuttil’s potential cabinet. Thousands of people shared it on facebook itself, some thinking it was an official Nationalist Party website, only to find out that it made fun of some of the leading Nationlist Party’s exponents.

In itself this was a great, practically free, viral marketing campaign on Labour’s site, nevertheless the site had to be taken down following legal action. Nationalist Party leader Dr. Simon Busuttil called this fake news and stated that such underhand tactics were completely unfair during an election.

It is as yet unknown what legal arguments were brought to order a take-down of the site, however early this morning blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia reported that following legal action the site is now offline.

The website itself had a number of images which ridiculed the PN and were intended to be utilised to share on social media with short messages and attention grabbing photos. Dr. Busuttil stated that the deceitful website was the Labour Party’s last resort as a political weapon.

He stated that the Labour Party could no longer come out with original ideas and instead is retorting to deceitful tactics. “Truth and Justice are on my side” Dr. Busuttil concluded.