The map above shows lightning strikes during the past hour (between 8:30pm and 9:30pm), clearly indicating that a massive thunderstorm is at present towards our North East, bordering the Ionian sea and another thunderstorm is occurring between the Sicily – Italy channel. Nevertheless both thunderstorms are not expected to move further towards us and tonight (between Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17) is expected to be clear.

The map below shows rain precipitation levels for tomorrow Wednesday 17th, clearly indicating that although rain will be very close to our islands, it will not be reaching over the Maltese islands.


Wednesday 17th is expected to be abundantly sunny and the skies will be clear, whilst at the same time the temperatures won’t be so bad, with a high of 25C and a low of 16C as the wind blowing from the North North East Force 3 veers West later on.


The map above shows temperatures for Wednesday 17th at 850hPa clearly indicating that the African anticyclone which was responsible for the elevated temperatures which we experienced during the past days has released it’s grip from over our territory and we are now expecting median temperatures for this period of the year.

Thursday 18th May is also expected to be sunny with temperatures reaching a high of 25C and a low of 17C, Wind West Force 3, later veers South Force 2 / 3.

Friday 19th May is expected to be sunny and clear with the highest temperature reaching 26C, low 15C whilst the South South East Force 3 / 4 will later become variable.

Winds will intensify during the weekend

During the weekend the temperatures will also remain within median levels for this period and the skies will be clear, nevertheless the wind will intensify especially on Saturday 20th as the North West wind will reach Force 5 / 6 and on Sunday 21st May the West North West will persist at Force 5 intensity at first and will later calm down to Force 2 / 3