The map above shows thick clouds over the Western Mediterranean area. These clouds are expected to move eastwards and will pass over us for a brief period on Thursday, however by then most will have dissipated and therefore we expect this week to be mostly with clear skies and abundant sunshine, contrary to the past few days which saw dull skies mostly due to the sand which reached over our territory from the Sahara desert.

The map below shows rain precipitation levels projected for tomorrow Wednesday 17th. Clearly indicating that the Ionian sea towards our North East and parts of Sicily will receive lots of rain, however it is evident that no rain will be reaching the Maltese islands.


The map below shows temperatures at 850hPa over the Central Mediterranean region for tomorrow Wednesday 17th, clearly indicating that temperatures will give us some breathing space when compared to the past few days.


The weekend is expected to be slightly windy as the North Western wind will increase in intensity at up to Force 5 and temperatures will be on their lowest on Sunday 21st as the high will only reach 25C. However the general weather outlook during the weekend is still expected to be clear and mostly sunny, so overall we are to expect a great weekend

Detailed forecast:

Tuesday 16th May, Sunny, High 25C, Low 16C, Wind North Force 2 / 3 later becomes North East

Wednesday 17th May, Mostly Clear, High 26C, Low 16C, Wind North East Force 3 later becomes West North West Force 3 / 4

Thursday 18th May, Partly Cloudy, Highest temperature will raech 26C, Low 16C, Wind West North West Force 2 / 3 later South South West

Friday 19th May, Sunny, High 27C, Low 17C, Wind South Force 3 / 4

Saturday 20th May, High 27C, Low 16C, Wind North West Force 4 later becomes Force 5

Sunday 21st May, High 25C, Low 17C, Wind West North West Force 5