We can confirm that cloudiness and sand particles over our atmosphere may finally start dissipating and by Tuesday 16th May morning we will finally look up and see a blue, clear sky as a wave of thick clouds which passed over the Maltese islands today is expected to move eastwards as shown in the map above, colored boxes indicate clouds.

The weather during the past days can only be described as ‘Boring’ as the entire Maltese islands took a brownish / yellowish tinge due to an elevated amount of dust load which moved over towards us, transported by powerful winds known as Scirocco, originating over the Sahara desert. This system also brought above average temperature, which for a number of days affected the entire region.


The map above shows temperature forecasted for tomorrow Tuesday 16th at 850hPa, clearly indicating a more bearable situation over the entire central Mediterranean. The African anticyclone which affected us for the past few days has now mostly moved eastwards towards Greece and started to dissipate.


The map above shows thunder strikes for the past hour between 6pm – 7pm, clearly indicating that a period of instability is still present over our region at the moment, in fact the above map clearly shows that for the past few hours various thunderstorms were present close to the Adriatic sea, mainly affecting central Italy and Albania and Northern Greece over the other side. Another system is also causing a smaller scale thunderstorm over the Libyan-Tunisian Border.

The general weather outlook for Tuesday 16th May is expected to be mainly sunny, with the highest temperature reaching up to 25C and a low of 18C, wind North Force 2 / 3 later becoming North North East Force 3

Wednesday 17th May the general outlook is also expected to be sunny with a high reaching 26C, low 16C and the North Eastern Wind Force 3 will later become West.

The temperatures are expected to remain the same for Thursday 18th May (High 26C, Low 16C), wind will veer East Force 2 / 3

Finally on Friday 19th May the temperature will go up slightly to 27C (high) and a low of 17C as the wind veers South East Force 3 / 4