Yesterday we uploaded the first part of the results for our survey, conducted as soon as the Prime Minister announced that the election will be held on the 3rd June. The survey results showed that the Labour Party is expected to win by 14,000 votes.

We asked a number of questions, including whether people will be voting for the smaller parties and for Marlene Farrugia who will be contesting for the Democratic Party and will be affiliated with the Nationalist Party. However according to our survey the PD does not have enough support to garner one seat in Parliament.

We have to clarify that the survey was opt-in, meaning that people were not randomly selected, therefore in reality this survey could not from a statistically point of view be considered scientific, however the staggering amount of people who voted could give us an indication of what people are thinking.

We have asked people who they voted for during the last election and who will be voting for this time. It seems that the smaller parties Alternattiva Demokratika and Patrijotti Maltin will not be increasing votes this time round due to the fact that this election will be highly polarised between the two parties.

The same situation exists for Marlene Farrugia’s Democratic Party, even though it seems that most of the people who said they would be voting for her either voted Labour last time or did not vote, only a very small percentage of people who voted PN last time actually said they would be voting for Marlene. According to our calculations, based on the survey the Democratic Party won’t garner enough votes to elect a seat in Parliament.

During the next few days we will be releasing more data from our survey and we will conduct another survey to see the trends and whether the political campaigns are having any effect in convincing more people to vote or to change their minds.

We will also be conducting another survey soon to see whether people want Franco Debono & Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando to contest and to check whether Salvu Mallia has enough support to possibly be elected.

According to our survey it seems that the Labour party is expected to lose votes however it will still win by a 14,000 advantage, mostly due to the fact that a considerable amount of people who stated that last time they voted for Labour will in turn not be voting this time round, whilst a small percentage will be voting for the Nationalist Party.