More than 18,000 people participated in our survey. The survey was uploaded on our site just after the Prime Minister announced the election. We filtered out people who spent unnecessary time to vote twice (or even three times) on our survey and who tried, in vain, to influence our result. If we extrapolate our results to the general population the Labour Party is expected to win by 14,000 votes if an election were to be held today.

The survey was opt-in, meaning that people were not randomly selected, therefore in reality this survey could not from a statistically point of view be considered scientific, however the staggering amount of people who voted could give us an indication of what people are thinking.

According to our survey it seems that the Labour party is expected to lose votes, mostly due to the fact that a considerable amount of people who stated that last time they voted for Labour will in turn not be voting this time round, whilst a small percentage will be voting for the Nationalist Party.

On the other hand, the Nationalist Party will be winning more votes from those who did not vote thus diminishing the gap.

We also asked our participants to identify who they trust most, whether it’s Joseph Muscat or Simon Busuttil. Surprisingly enough Joseph Muscat has an even higher trust level than the amount of votes the Labour Party will get. This has a very serious implication, meaning that among those strata of people who said they would not be voting, are more people leaning towards Muscat than towards Busuttil.

This means that if the political campaign of the Labour Party manages to reach these disgruntled group, the Labour party’s advantage may as well widen. We have asked people what is worrying them most, and split the results between those who are thinking about voting for Labour and the Nationalist Party.

Amongst those thinking about voting for the Labour Party, 45% said they are most worried about illegal immigration followed by 31% who said they are worried about Traffic jams and 12% mentioned they are worried about low salaries / wages.

The pie chart below shows what those who will be voting for the Labour Party are worried about:


We filtered out those who said would vote for the Nationalist party and unsurprisingly 90% stated that Corruption worries them the most.

The pie chart below shows what those who will be voting for the Nationalist Party are worried about:


During the next few days we will be releasing more data from our survey and we will conduct another survey to see the trends and whether the political campaigns are having any effect in convincing more people to vote or to change their minds. We will also be analysing how Marlene Farrugia’s vote will be affecting the Nationalist Party, how the smaller parties are expected to fair and whether they will affect the big parties in any way.