Doesn’t look like April in Malta at all! The map above shows temperatures at 850hPa projected for tonight. Malta is circled in red. As temperatures took a nosedive yesterday, we are expecting colder than usual temperatures to reach us during the next 3 nights, as from Friday night until Sunday night, the low is expected to reach 10C. These temperatures are completely out of the normal for this period and are a direct result of a massive backlash in temperatures and weather over mainland Europe which have extended southwards over us as well.

Parts of central and eastern Europe saw a return of freezing temperatures and snow yesterday Thursday 20th. This weather is completely out of place during this time. Spring flowers had already bloomed in some areas as the snow hit.

Our neighbors, the Italians were also affected as heavy rainfall in some areas was registered, whilst temperatures took a nose-dive throughout all the peninsula.

The General Weather outlook over the Maltese islands will start getting back to typical weather for April on and around Wednesday 26th April as the temperatures will start rising slightly and the skies will become sunnier.