The above map shows temperatures at around 850hPa over the Maltese islands this morning, colder temperatures are going further southwards and are expected to drop more over the coming days. Just as we had predicted days ago, the temperature dropped drastically, the skies became overcast and some showers were reported over areas of the Maltese islands.

The temperature today, Thursday 20th April, will reach a high of 18C and a low of 12C, the skies will remain overcast and some showers with minimal precipitation, which might not reach the Maltese islands at once are to be expected during the day. Wind

The following are the recordings taken from various weather stations around the Maltese islands up to noon (Thursday 20th April)

Xaghra 0.2mm
Xewkija 0.2mm
Selmun 0mm
Msida 0.2mm
Luqa 0.5mm
Dingli 0.4mm
Valletta 0.2mm
Benghajsa 0.2mm

Friday 21st April, will see temperatures dropping slightly more to 17C, Low 12C and the skies will continue to be mainly overcast with an East North East Force 4 becoming North North East Force 3 wind.

Saturday 22nd April, will be less cloudy and there will be periods of sun, temperatures will see a high of 18C, however the low at night will go down to a 10C. Which is not typical for this period of the year. Wind North North East Force 2 / 3 becomes North North West Force 3 / 4.

The sun will finally come back out again on Sunday 23rd April, the temperatures will remain relatively low though, the high reaching 18C and a low of 12C. Wind North West Force 3 / 4 later West Force 2 / 3.

This situation will start getting back to normal on and around Wednesday 26th April as the temperatures will start rising slightly and the skies will become sunnier. This is happening mostly as the Maltese islands are caught between a low pressure and high pressure system. The atmospheric pressure is expected to reach 1025hPa briefly on Saturday 22nd but a weak low pressure system will replace this system by the end of the next week as the barometer is expected to go down to 1010hPa.