As quasi-wintry weather returned over the Maltese islands today, parts of central and eastern Europe saw a return of freezing temperatures and snow early this morning. This is a complete disaster from a farming point of view as crops will suffer and such low temperatures, rain and snow at this period of the year will certainly cause lots of damage. This weather is completely out of place during this time. Spring flowers had already bloomed in some areas as the snow hit.

Some places including the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine woke up to hazardous snowy conditions earlier this morning.

Snow plows worked overnight in many places to clear the streets. The heavy snowfall created very dangerous road conditions in some places, whilst some people took advantage of the winter-like weather by hitting the ski slopes.

Our neighbors, the Italians were also affected as heavy rainfall in some areas was registered, whilst temperatures took a nose-dive throughout. Tomorrow Friday 21st is expected to be even colder.