As the election fever seems to be on the increase, Dr. Joseph Muscat, in a surprise speech yesterday he addressed party delegates and stated that he has been silent for a number of months before ‘lies’ that the Panama company Egrant is his. He categorically denied that it belongs to him, or as is being alleged during the past days, to anyone in his family, nor his wife nor his daughters. He also appealed for calm and asked PN leader Dr. Busuttil to respect family boundaries and not drag his young daughters into politics.

The Prime Minister made it crystal clear by stating that he does not have any secret companies, secret bank accounts or any other assets which are not declared or kept secret. He made these statements during a short speech as the annual Labour Party General Conference started.

Watch entire speech here:

He kept appealing to the PN to keep the election campaign “decent” and not use lies to try to win over the electorate.

Muscat said he could not accept the fact that the Opposition used a photograph of his wife and children to make a political point. “My wife is in the public eye but my children are not” he stated in a heartfelt appeal.

Earlier this week blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia stated that she has confidential information about money transfers which occured earlier and which led her to discover who the owner of Egrant is. The Panama Papers which last year revealed hundreds of secret offshore companies and their corresponding owners, only pointed out that Egrant’s owners might be Malta based but failed to pinpoint exactly who the owner is.

Speculation about this secret offshore company led to many questions being asked. This led the Prime Minister to completely deny that any rumor that this particular company is owned by himself or a family member to be completely untrue.

As the election is getting closer it was imperative that the family members of politicians were not used in unjustified attacks just to win political points.