The animated map above shows temperatures at 850hPa. Blue and lighter colors depict lower temperatures. The map covers the next 24 hours generated using data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts data. Clearly indicating that temperatures by tomorrow Thursday 20th will start dropping over the Maltese islands. Today Wednesday 19th is expected to be quite hot, actually might be one of the hottest days registered so far this year, but the situation is forecasted to take a turn tomorrow.

Such a situation is not typical for this particular period of the year.

Today, Wednesday 19th April the temperature will reach a high close to 23C, whilst tomorrow Thursday 20th April the high will reach 19C and will go further down on Friday 21st the high will only go up to 17C.

The low will remain constant at 14C until the weekend, however it will go down to 10C between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

These temperatures are expected to persist until Tuesday 25th, however on Wednesday 26th they will start rising slowly once again.

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st is also expected to be overcast and we are to expect some isolated showers at times, however any precipitation is expected to be very low with minimal precipitation levels which might not even reach the entire Maltese islands at once.