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Just as we had started getting accustomed to higher temperatures, the general weather outlook will experience a backlash starting from Thursday 20th April, as wind intensity will increase, cloud cover will become more evident, temperatures will be lower and some isolated showers will reach the Maltese islands. This bad weather system will persist for a few days. The map above shows temperatures projected for next Thursday 20th at 850hPa, clearly showing colder temperatures all over Southern Europe reaching over to the Central Mediterranean.

This type of weather is not common for this time of year and is occurring because the Maltese islands is bordering a low and high pressure system. Mid-April usually marks the start of calm and comfortable weather characterised by increasing temperatures and clear skies and not the type of weather we are expecting later this week.

The situation is very fluid so please make sure you follow our updates as the weather forecasts may vary a little until the end of the week.


Just as on Wednesday the temperature will reach a high of 21C and a low of 13C, on Thursday 20th the high will reach 18C, on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April the high will be at 17C.

Cloud Cover

Cloud cover will start increasing on Wednesday late afternoon and on Thursday 20th cloud cover will reach up to 75% whilst on Friday 21st it will reach up to 95% cover. However the weekend is expected to be clear with minimal cloud cover.

Isolated showers

Some isolated showers are expected to reach the Maltese islands, with the highest chance being for Friday 21st April. Precipitation is expected to be minimal and rainfall may not even reach the entire islands at once.


On Wednesday 19th, the North North Western wind will start blowing at Force 5 / 6 during the evening, veer North on Thursday 20th at Force 5, later becoming East North East Force 4 on Thursday late afternoon / evening whilst on Friday the East North East wind will persist at around Force 4 / 5 and start calming down on Saturday as it veers North East Force 3 / 4 and West on Sunday at Force 3 / 4

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