Just as we have been predicting for almost a week, rain is at the moment (1:45pm) very close by to our territory. The above map generated at around 1:30pm shows thick clouds over us and the colored dots show precipitation taking place. The map was generated by the Italian Civil Protection Radar stations and also shows wind direction and intensity. Clearly indicating that some rain might reach our islands soon, however precipitation levels are expected to be very low and in the form of isolated showers which might not reach the Maltese islands at once.

Current conditions for the Maltese islands at the moment (1:45pm) show that wind is blowing from the North North West at Force 4 and the temperature, even though the general outlook is cloudy, is showing 21 degrees Celsius.

By the time this article was published (1:48pm) all weather stations over the Maltese islands had not picked up any precipitation records and all are showing 0mm, however we have received some private messages earlier this afternoon from our followers on social media stating that some very light showers did reach the North Western part of Gozo, however precipitation levels were probably close to negligible. Most rain at the moment is present over the Malta-Sicily channel out at sea.

Bulk of precipitation over Southern Italy

In the meantime Southern Italy and Sicily have earlier today received the bulk of the rain and at the moment a massive storm associated with this same system is hitting parts of Montenegro as shown in the map below.


The map above shows lightning strikes registered during the past hour (12:30pm – 1:30pm), clearly indicating that the bulk of this weather system is concentrated close to the Adriatic and Ionian sea.

Back to Malta, later on during late afternoon the skies are expected to clear although the wind will continue to blow with some intensity at around Force 4 to 6 from the North West throughout the night, whilst the temperature will go down to a low of 14C.