The animation above created using data provided by the Italian Civil Protection Radar stations shows rain forming over the eastern side of Sardinia moving in along with thick clouds reaching the Maltese island. Rain is depicted by colored dots and clouds by white/grey areas.

The animation starts at around midnight on Easter Sunday and continues until 2:30pm as rain is clearly very close to reaching our shores.

Tomorrow, Monday 17th April will see sunny skies returning over the Maltese islands however the general weather outlook is expected to become windy during the afternoon with the North Western wind reaching up to Force 5 / 6 at times.

The temperature will reach a high close to 20C and a low of 13C and the wind will veer West North West during the evening.

Tuesday18 Apr : Sunny. High 21C. Winds West between Force 3 and Force 5

Tuesday Night : Mostly clear. Low 14C. Winds W at 10 to 15 km/h. Winds West between Force 2 and Force 3

Wednesday19 Apr : Sunny skies. High 21C. Winds North West between Force 3 and Force 5

Wednesday Night : A few clouds from time to time. Low 14C. Winds North North West between Force 3 and Force 5