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In a front page story, the Malta Independent in an article stated that the possibility of an early snap July 2017 election is not to be excluded. It quotes anonymous sources within the government who told the Independent newsroom that a July election is a real possibility.

The newspaper continues by stating that certain decisions being taken within Government ministries could indicate a snap election which will be called before next summer. It quotes a stop leave policy for top ministry officials. An assessment which is being carried out by the Deputy Prime Minister to identify what still needs to be done to implement the electoral manifesto.

The Independent states that the placing of several pro-government billboards all around the Maltese islands could indicate that the election is very close.

It also quotes that Ministers are active in meeting with their constituents and are doing door to door visits.

The newspaper says that if the Prime Minister decides to call an early election he could postpone hard decisions such as dealing with the AirMalta issue and stop internal criticism that the Labour Party is not taking care of it’s own people.

Source : http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2017-04-16/local-news/July-snap-election-not-excluded-6736173040