The above map generated by the Global Forecast System (GFS) shows precipitation levels for Easter Sunday, 16th April, afternoon. Clearly indicating that some rain is expected over our territory. The entire day is expected to be characterised mostly by cloudy and windy conditions caused mainly by a weak cold front associated with a low pressure system which is presently affecting Italy mostly.

The day is expected to be rather cloudy in the morning with increasing cloudiness caused by Altocumulus clouds. The atmospheric pressure will drop to 1013hPa by late evening. The wind will blow from the West North West at Force 4 rising till Force 6.

Temperatures will reach close to 21C and a low of 14C. Some rain is expected, mostly in the form of isolated showers which might not reach the entire Maltese islands at once. Precipitation is expected to be very low and in some areas practically negligible.