A youtube video, which although not quite recent, embedded below in this article, shows an accident captured on dashcam footage. The driver which, according to the dashcam recording was going at less than 40km/h collided with a young man who was driving a motorised bicycle, which appeared to be crossing the road through traffic as the cyclist did not notice that another car was approaching on the inner lane.

The embedded video below, which at time of print had surprisingly reached only around 15,000 views, according to the youtube description shows a kid on a motorised bike (without fuel) coming out across a busy main road with complete disregard towards traffic. He was unlicensed and uninsured and kept refusing medical attention. Luckily he was uninjured and proceeded to continue with his journey

In a completely separate case, many people on social media are discussing Dorianne Camilleri’s case. She was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment as she had been driving a vehicle when involuntarily she ran over someone and unfortunately the victim succumbed and died.

The video included above does not have anything to do with Dorianne Camilleri’s case and is being embedded below just to showcase how an accident can occur without the driver having enough time to react mostly due to the fact that the amount of vehicles on our roads are way above their capacity.

In the meantime, an official petition has been organised and anyone wanting to help, Dorianne Camilleri, who is a teacher by profession and also a mother to avoid prison time is urged to visit this facebook post.

The Minister had already stated that the archaic law under which she was sentenced would be changed soon and many Maltese online commentators clearly stated that such a sentence, to a law abiding citizen with no prior criminal record is excessive, after all she did not intend to cause an accident and after-all everyone knows Maltese roads are not the most driver friendly.