We investigate the strange happenings in our skies during the past days – Contrails or Chemtrails, reality or just conspiracy theories?

Includes video below of lone aircraft passing over Msida leaving behind a thick trail in an otherwise clear sky earlier this week.

Is it a contrail or a chemtrail? – we discuss the difference in the article below

The person who sent this video preferred to remain anonymous

During the past days we received various private messages on social media asking us about various type of clouds, described as “strange” and “surreal” appearing over the Maltese islands and reports of airplanes going round leaving strange trails behind them which later expand and allegedly cover the entire sky.

First things first, so let’s discuss the contrails vs chemtrails theory.

Chemtrails form part of a conspiracy theory stating that an international plan is being concocted to alter the weather patterns all around the world, even though no definite proof of this exists yet. Believers in this conspiracy theory argue that normal condensation trails, left behind by aircraft, used to disappear after some time, nevertheless now this type of condensation keeps inflating until it forms larger clouds and sometimes the sky is completely covered by these type of clouds which form after some of the aircraft pass. The term chemtrail is a portmanteau of the words “chemical” and “trail,”. It is speculated that the purpose of the claimed chemical release may be for solar radiation management and weather modification.

Contrails : On the other hand, people who do not believe in this theory and say that these vapor trails are naturally occurring state that these line-shaped clouds sometimes produced by aircraft engine exhaust, typically at aircraft cruise altitudes several kilometres above the Earth’s surface are composed primarily of water, in the form of ice crystals. The combination of water vapor in aircraft engine exhaust and the low ambient temperatures that often exists at these high altitudes allows the formation of the trails. Impurities in the jet exhaust from the fuel, including sulfur compounds (0.05% by weight in jet fuel) provide some of the particles that can serve as sites for water droplet growth in the exhaust and, if water droplets form, they might freeze to form ice particles that compose a condensation-trail (or contrail).

Believers in the theory of ‘chemtrails’ argue that normal contrails which are vapor trails left by aircraft in the sky dissipate relatively quickly, and trails that do not dissipate, like the ones observed in the past days, must therefore contain additional substances.

During 2014 various environmentalists had asked the Maltese authorities to confirm that no geoengineering in the form of chemtrails was taking place over Malta, unfortunately to date no investigation took place and no definite replies were forthcoming, therefore speculation about these strange trails left behind aircraft in the sky persist.

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You can read more about this subject here >>> Cypriot government accuses UK of spraying chemtrails over Cyprus

A few months ago the Cypriot Government accused the United Kingdom Air Force of deliberately spraying unknown substances in the skies deliberately, so as to ensure that no storms are formed which could hinder any military operations. Subsequently the UK Ministry of Defence denied completely these allegations, however the Cypriot Government kept on insisting and even ordered an official inquiry.