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Update 1 – 12:30pm – Happy April Fool’s Day


No wonder that local weather forecasters FirstMalta.com are able to predict the weather so accurately. A whistleblower who used to work for this organisation has now come forward claiming that FirstMalta administrators are able to control the weather themselves and decide what meteorological conditions to force over the Maltese islands using a weather modification laser machine installed in a secluded area in Dingli. The above image taken using a drone shows the machine in operation. It is switched on for a very brief period early in the morning.

They bought this advanced technology from a shady foreign company a few years ago and installed it over Malta’s highest point in Dingli, which is 253 meters above sea level continued the whistleblower. He is claiming that every morning a laser beam is being fired in the atmosphere from Dingli and through a series of atmospheric manipulations the machine can create wind, rain, humidity or create high atmospheric pressure thus giving us sunny and clear skies.

The whistleblower has come forward after he felt that such manipulation is unethical and no one has the right to decide what the weather will be like tomorrow and that such interference with mother-nature should not be tolerated.

The FirstMalta weather forecasters try to manipulate the weather as much as possible and this is the reason why most of the time they are the only local forecasters who get the forecast right, only because in reality they are manipulating the weather themselves and are therefore able to accurately predict it.

The weather manipulation machine can be activated remotely, said the whistleblower, and FirstMalta administrators can send an electronic message over the internet and easily decide what weather conditions will reach the Maltese islands the following day.

“No one should have such power” said the whistleblower, “and this machine should be shut down immediately and let nature take over our weather once again, such manipulation is unfair on everyone and interfering with nature itself should not be tolerated anymore.”

Source : April Fool’s 🙂