Updated: Claudia Faniello wins the Malta Eurovision Song Contest thanks to excellent performance – Click here to read more

Yesterday we started a survey, asking you, our followers to let us know who you will be voting for tonight in the local Eurovision song contest, the winner will eventually represent Malta in Kiev for the 2017 Eurovision festival. Around 500 people cast their vote, we split the results between men and women. According to the survey 65% of the men will be voting for Brooke Borg’s ‘Unstoppable’, whilst women will mostly (35%) be voting for Janice Mangion’s Star (Kewkba) whilst 30% of women will also be voting for Brooke. Claudia Faniello, according to our survey came in 3rd.

However if we had to count all votes, Brooke Borg would be the winner. Of course this is just a non-scientific survey, as it was not random, but it might already give us an idea of who will win the popular festival tonight since all votes will be by televoting and the organisers have already announced that only 1 vote will count from each mobile or fixed phone, so you can’t vote multiple times by sending many messages, nor can you vote for two different singers.

In the meantime it seems that our survey results tally with what Eurovision expert bloggers stated yesterday as they uploaded an article about this subject. An in-house panel for the popular Eurovision blog rated all of the songs participating in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 to determine their favourite and Brooke’s Unstoppable emerged as the winner.

Last year FirstMalta correctly predicted the winner of the local Eurovision song contest as Ira Losco went on to represent Malta in Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately we feel that the political voting involved for the final festival did not give us the result Malta deserved.

Last year’s festival was also controversial, mostly due to the fact, that Ira Losco decided to change the song with which she would have represented Malta for the finals after winning the local festival. Many felt that since people voted for one particular song, the organisers had no right to change it.


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