Updated: Claudia Faniello wins the Malta Eurovision Song Contest thanks to excellent performance – Click here to read more

Last year we successfully predicted that Ira Losco will win the local Eurovision contest, we later hoped she would win the finals, but unfortunately political votes did not award Ira what she deserved. Anyways, this year we think that Brooke Borg will win the local event and will go on to represent Malta in the Eurovision song contest in Kiev.

This year’s song contest presenters will be Daniel Azzopardi, very well known for his role as Guido in the TV series Strada Stretta and by Charlene Mercieca, a woman who has been battling cancer and would like to deliver a positive message of hope to everyone.

16 songs were chosen to compete in the 2017 contest, which will be held on February 18. For the first time the decision will be taken exclusively by the public through televoting only, there will be no jury unlike previous years. The televoting system will be even more fair than usual, as every fixed or mobile line may be used to cast just one vote.

This means that if more than one call is made from the same line, all the calls will be charged but the vote will not be valid. So call or sms Brooke’s number, but don’t do it more than once for each mobile or fixed line you may have.

Forty-three countries will participate in the 2017 contest. Portugal and Romania are to return to the contest, both having been absent from the 2016 edition. After returning in 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina has again withdrawn due to financial difficulties.

The contest will take place in the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, following Ukraine’s victory at the 2016 contest with the song “1944”, performed by Jamala. The International Exhibition Centre, which was announced as the host venue on 9 September 2016, has a capacity of approximately 11,000 attendees and is the largest exhibition centre in Kiev.