A man decided to show his wife and kids how much he loved them by tattooing their names on his back in Chinese characters. He was abroad on holiday and decided to go into a tattoo shop to get inked.

When he came back he showed his pride, his tattoo, to everyone, many admired it, a few were envious.  A couple of days went by and this guy decided to go for a swim.  Whilst sunbathing he noticed a couple of young Chinese tourists who seemed to be laughing and pointing towards him.  At first he didn’t give much attention to them and thought they were just youngsters having a good time.

This went on and on and so he decided to ask them what they were laughing at and why they were pointing at him.  One of the Chinese youngsters, in broken English, told the guy they were laughing because they found the idea of having a Chinese restaurant menu on his back quite funny.

The man replied that it’s not true and his wife’s and children’s names are tattooed on his back.  The Chinese group translated his tattoo and told him that he has the name of the most famous Chinese food on his back, including sweet and sour pork and chicken satay!

Words cannot start to describe how angry this man was as he confirmed that the foreign tattooist not only did not bother to translate the names as promised but literally copied letters from a take-away Chinese menu.