Massive, persistent heatwave over Sydney, Australia are being registered as temperatures of up to 43 degrees celsius, whilst Mildura, a regional city in north-west Victoria, saw temperatures rise up to 45 degrees celsius. In the meantime torrential rain in the vicinity of Perth meant that locals were hit with flooding as well.

The situation is not getting any better as further temperature record highs are being forecasted for the weekend as weather forecasts for Birdsville, a small town and locality in the Shire of Diamantina, Queensland, is embracing for temperatures of up to 46 degrees celsius over the next few days.

Meteorologists, who have been recording temperatures for 158 years in Australia say that this is the worst summer ever to hit the country so far.

For the first time ever, tomorrow Saturday, for the first time in history, all cricket matches have been called off due to the extreme heatwave as measures are being taken to ensure that the public is not unnecessarily exposed to the sun.

More bad luck hit in the meantime over the West Coast of Australia as a severe thunderstorm which hit Perth created flooding and the local population is still struggling to return back to normal. In South Australia a 2.7 magnitude earthquake shook parts of Adelaide as well.

Luckily in all these incidents no casualties were reported, mostly thanks to the preparedness of emergency services and the constant warnings on the media when possible