21 people committed a suicide during 2016, 12 of which were younger than 40, the youngest was a Maltese man aged 25 and the oldest a Maltese Male aged 83. Predominantly men were more likely to commit a suicide as 18 of which were males.

The information was released in Parliament by Minister Carmelo Abela as he was answering a question by PN MP Clyde Puli.

International studies about suicide shows that factors that affect the risk of suicide include mental disorders, drug misuse, psychological states, cultural, family and social situations, and genetics.

Mental disorders and substance misuse frequently co-exist.

Other risk factors include having previously attempted suicide,[10] the ready availability of a means to take one’s life, a family history of suicide, or the presence of traumatic brain injury.

For example, suicide rates have been found to be greater in households with firearms than those without them.

Socio-economic problems such as unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and discrimination may trigger suicidal thoughts.

About 15–40% of people leave a suicide note. Genetics appears to account for between 38% and 55% of suicidal behaviors according to international studies