When looking for a laptop, the price is important, yet the performance is essential, so finding the right balance is key, the terminology used may be at times confusing and vary from one local shop to another. A Maltese website has just been launched comparing laptop performance and prices between different models and various leading local computer stores, therefore allowing you, the buyer, the possibility to get the best deal and value for money.

The website , is updated continuously so it’s always updated. The interface is very easy to use and the user just sets the filters such as price, memory and screen size and the website will immediately show what laptops fit that range.

The name Tekkumpara is derived from the Maltese word ‘tikkumpara’, which means ‘to compare’.

An interesting innovation is the side-by-side comparison option, which shows specifications for two different laptops so you, as a potential buyer, can easily decide which one fits your needs better.

We spoke to the creator of and he stated that “He is really optimistic about this idea, such a website is a first for Malta.” he concluded by stating that the idea is to continuously provide new updates and innovations for Tekkumpara.

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