Over the past years, Silex Power has been developing a proprietary automotive platform with the intention to develop further our technologies and also introduce our first electric vehicle. This project is being unveiled today as the Valene Black Mamba, a high-performance 3-wheel sports car designed to awe.

Thanks to advancements in technology, Silex Power were able to create a prototype, the Valene Black Mamba, a high-performance electric 3-wheel super car designed to be as exciting and reliable as possible. The Black Mamba is a technologically advanced, superlight, vehicle in its simplicity, offering unrivalled performance, safety, looks and best of all, a truly unique driving experience.

Driver and passenger safety have been a priority throughout the design of the vehicle. The Black Mamba is built using strong seamless steel tubing, providing a strong protective shell for its occupants. The unique safety position places the driver and passenger legs well behind the front axle, reducing significantly the chance of injury in a frontal collision.

The car was also designed with a very low centre of gravity, so as to enhance its stability.

The Valene Black Mamba is a fully digital vehicle, sporting the most advanced multimedia systems to date. The car is smartphone activated with a three-tier user identification.

Silex is now accepting pre-orders for the vehicles. Pre-orders are taken via a form on the Valene Motors website. There is no commitment and no deposit at this time. When a pre-order is placed, the client will get in line to receive his Black Mamba once it is commercially available in 2017. The first 50 pre-orders will also get a free sound system upgrade to the Clarion Full Digital system, an upgrade normally worth € 3,000. Pricing for the vehicles starts from € 35,000 and depends on configuration.


Ultra-lightweight Full Electric 3-Wheel Sports Car

Electric motors ranging from 80kW (107bhp) to 600kW (810bhp)

Up to 500k autonomy on a single charge (with 50kWh battery pack)

DC Fast Charging support, with optional HyperCharging Compatibility (AC/DC Charger integrated)

Steel and aerospace aluminium chassis with optional titanium alloy elements

Regenerative braking and high-performance disk brakes on each wheel

Composite material body

Driver identification system with keyless operation

Advanced multimedia system with optional Clarion Full Digital Sound System

Full-LED lighting throughout

Highly Customisable

Dimensions 3.71m x 1.98m x 1.10m

Silex is also looking for international distributors. Interested parties should contact Valene. Website : www.valenemotors.com